tdpostermissinghaleighA question was asked of me a few minutes ago on Twitter. I was asked if I am obsessed with missing and deceased children?

obsessionI have to admit the answer is yes. Why? The answer is simple. I hate it when I turn on the news and hear that a child has gone missing. I hate it when I hear that a child is dead because of an adult around them.

In just a few days, we will mark another year where we do not have the answer as to what happened to Trenton Duckett. The prevailing belief is that his mother killed him. The Leesburg City Police Department still lists the case as open.

Then we have the case of Haleigh Cummings whose fate still remains unknown. There are some that insists she is dead and some who insists she is alive. Until a body is found or until there is a confession the case remains open.


caseydrunkA few short years ago we had the astonishing case of Caylee Anthony whose mother triggered one of the most unusual trials in Orlando, Florida history. The mother was found not guilty and the answers surrounding Caylee’s death remains unanswered to this day.

handbrotherTHREEcastrocastrohouseWe have just come off of a case where THREE women who were children at the time of their going missing  were discovered in Ohio.

We had another Child along with her mother who was burned after being killed and a teenaged woman kidnapped and taken into the hills of Idaho where she might have been killed by her captor if it had not been for the swift actions of law enforcement.

So, if there are trolls out there who want to accuse me of being obsessed with missing and murdered children then go ahead.

I plea guilty.

I am real annoyed that people are making a joke out of murdered and missing children.

I lost my only son to diabetes around the same date that Trenton Duckett went missing, 6 years before in 2000. I know what it is like to have the love of your life, your only child taken away and know you will never see him again.

john's bench

For a parent to outlive their child is a bitter experience. I wanted to spare some parents that experience but I have failed.

Stay tuned