NAME1BUTTI have to wonder sometimes if I went to sleep and then woke up back in third grade. The reason is due to the extent of the name calling that prevails on the internet today. There seems to be a contest to see what kind of creative names people can come up with to call each other. Each and every day there seems to be a new term to pop up to use to ridicule someone.


The days of “your mother wears army boots” is long gone. Now it seems to be acceptable to use the N word to direct at someone as well as some of the other former off limit terms such as those having to do with sexual orientation and so forth.

There is the necessity of everyone trying to outdo each other in whatever terminology is thrown out there.


The proliferation of these new labels and terms are so widespread that they become meaningless.

It is like a hit song on the radio. You hear it so many times, you get bored with it and anxiously wait for the new one to come along.

Stay tuned