cnnThe CNN KID does it once again, this time defaming a rape survivor and putting her safety at risk by posting her FULL NAME on Twitter. The woman in question has left twitter and no longer posts due to attacks similar to the nature that was contained in his twitter post. Mr Page seems to feel that she has no right to voice her opinion on the subject even though she is a rape survivor and this is speaking from personal experience.



For someone who is supposed to be a journalist and is affiliated with a national cable network CNN, you would think that Levi Page would exercise the same discretion that is done by some of his mentors such as Jane Valez Mitchell.

One thing is clear, Levi Page is a hypocrite. He rants and raves about an unknown Jane Doe in Ohio yet will Publish the name of a rape survivor simply because he disagrees with what she has to say.

A real “gentleman.”


Stay Tuned