twitter3 facebookIf you were to have a contest to see who is the better social media platform, would you choose Twitter or Facebook? Yes, there are other social media websites on the internet, but for now, I choose to compare the two of them.

When I started doing my streams and then concentrated on blogging, I rarely used Facebook. Yes, I did have an account there. I was concentrating on my multimedia streaming and felt that I did not need it.

The same held true of Twitter. When I first heard of Twitter, it was described as the internet’s version of a post it note or just another way of sending short text message. Since I had a blackberry, I did not see a need for Twitter, either.

Then, in 2009, I decided to hop on the Twitter bandwagon. At that time the posts were mainly “I am here” and usually the posts were confined to a few close friends who followed each other. Soon after I started using Twitter, they announced some big changes, using a rather slick video to make the announcement about the changes that we all see there today. Twitter today is nothing like the original.

That is both good and bad. Before the changes, twitter was fairly straightforward. You were able to send short text messages and that was it.

Now there are all sorts of things you can do with twitter.

There are also the bad things that can be done on twitter. Abuse on Twitter is rampant. People set up impersonator accounts and abuse accounts with wanton abandon. Trying to maintain privacy and restrict who can see your postings and comments is nearly impossible. The only sure way to maintain some kind of control is to mark your account, private and accessible by only those you approve. This makes the service almost useless as it makes it harder to spread mundane and ordinary messages. Of course there is the block and spam options but these are useless for keeping the trolls and stalkers out as this measure is easily defeated.

Reporting TOS violations on Twitter is a joke. There are those on Twitter who actually brag about beating the system by creating one account after the other.

If you want safety and security, Twitter is not the place for it. Twitter is a goldmine for cyber bullies and abusers. Anonymous loves it.

And then there is Facebook. This service has it’s own version of Twitter but is much more. You can post messages on Facebook and they can be far longer than the 144 character limits that are on Twitter. There are a lot more options. There are chat options both public and private. There are various levels of special interest groups that can be formed. There is private messaging and there are also various ways to control who can access your Facebook profile and who can and cannot see your content.

farmAnd then there are the games. Facebook has a lot of them. The first one I went there to play was the original Farmville. Some of my Paltalk friends started playing it and I was soon invited to join in. Today I play quite a few different Facebook games. It is a good way to kill time and relax. Something that is hard to do on Twitter.

It is an amazing thing to interact with thousands of people and not have the kind of drama and abuse that exists on Twitter.

Facebook simply will not allow it. This can be both bad and good. Facebook does not allow impersonator accounts and strictly enforces this policy. They do not allow fake usernames. Yes, some of them are on there but if caught, they will be taken down quickly. Nobody has to complain either. Facebook has a strict audit system. They watch for ghost accounts 24/7.

They also take their TOS seriously. The process for filing a TOS complaint is much easier and enforcement by Facebook is swift and permanent. The verification process for setting up an account is far different than Twitter and seems to be a lot more effective.

If you see a bias in this blog then you would be correct. Facebook is not perfect, but it has a lot more going for it. I spend hour upon hour on Facebook and I am not bothered by the child like actions that is common on Twitter.

When it comes to having a place for friendly interaction, Facebook has it’s act together, Twitter does not.

Twitter could learn a lot from Facebook as to how to run a social media website. Twitter is arrogant enough not to want to.

So, there you have it. If you want peace of mind and an enjoyable experience on line, go to Facebook.

If you want abuse and chaos, there is always Twitter.

Stay tuned