conformitychinawaaConform with my point of view OR ELSE!

This is the rule of law for a vast majority of bloggers, forum operators and other individuals on the internet today.

When I first went on line many years ago, the internet was a place where people with different points of view would debate each other and respectfully disagree. Then someone decided to commercialize the internet and the decay began. It seems that the easier it gets to access the internet, the worse things get.

There has been a massive influx of those who will not allow any point of view other than their own. If someone has the audacity to disagree with them they lash out. Not only will the name calling start, but other strong measures will take place as well. There will be the threat of disclosing of personal information. You may find your phone number street address, phone number and so forth put on the internet for all to see.

If those measures fail, they will devise more stringent measures to force you to toe the line. The more you resist, the worse it will get.

You may wind up being the subject of a blog where those who demand you conform write false narratives about you and demean your point of view.

These same people proclaim their support of free speech. Yet if your free speech is not in conformity with their freedom of speech, they will do whatever it takes to take your freedom of speech away from you.

So heed this warning:

You have the right of freedom of speech. Use it at your peril.

Stay tuned