The twitter @Sickomurt is gone.


Taken off line right in the middle of an exchange with me. What caused this account to go away? Caught in too many lies perhaps. Maybe it was my agreement to take a polygraph exam to once and for all put the rest the Pedophile accusations the trolls have made against me. Or was there something more?


Almost from the beginning @sickomurt was trying to imply there was something in my past that I had a reason to hide. @sickomurt implied that The Department of Homeland Security was on my ass. Levi Page decided to imply such a thing on a public twitter post. Another blogger had made the same claim months earlier.

As the hours went by, there were other accusations and implications. Right after @sickomurt changed its profile photo from me to that of a rape survivor, the subject was changed towards a comment she made. The attacks against her intensified until the profanity laced rant about her appeared around 5:25 yesterday after noon. @Sickomurt then asked me if I would take a polygraph examination to answer the question if I was a Pedophile. When I answered “yes.” the account was shut down.

The account was NOT shut down. It was shut down VOLUNTARILY.

Rather slick timing, don’t you think?

At first glance, the reason for shutting the account is obvious. I called its bluff and cut and run.

Not so fast.

There is something else that may have slipped under everyone’s radar. It certainly slipped under mine. The truth of why the account was raised may be for a different reason entirely. The account was created to plant seeds. Those seeds were the seeds of a False Negative.

So, what is this false negative?


Records? you ask. Yes records. Laced throughout the @Sickomurt account was the claim that I had some records hidden away in juvenile court or perhaps in some medical records someplace. @Sickomurt kept making the point that there were records to be found and that it would find them. It made the claim that if there were records out there, it WOULD find them.

NO records were found. When the account was closed, the comments vanished. The evidence trail was gone.

Except for the screen shots, of course.

It did not matter, though, the seeds were planted. Now all that is needed is for someone to harvest these seeds and take them to market.

The question is, when will there be a Twitter comment? Or better yet a blog post that says that it has been confirmed that I have records that I want to remain hidden.

The next question is who the fish is that will take the bait and how long will it be before that comment or blog post appears?


Any bets?


Stay tuned