ohiosasealanonint@Popadopolous of Twitter fame either cannot comprehend what he reads or he simply outright lies in order to troll people in order to feed his addiction for attention and drama. His recent propaganda campaign proves just that. I recently wrote a blog article based on RUMORS circulating around through Steubenville circles that Jane Doe MIGHT be on the receiving end of charges of underaged drinking. Anyone is free to read the article for themselves and see exactly that.


What Popadopolous does not seem to understand is that Steubenville residents are divided when it comes to the Big Red Rape case and those involved in it. What Popadopolous has proven is that it is his feeling that NO point of view other than that put forth by Anonymous and by HIM is permitted on the internet.

If anyone decides to put up a point of view OTHER than what he agrees with, THEY WILL BE PUNISHED AND ANONYMOUS WILL BE THE ENFORCER.

It is people like Popadopolous that stifle free speach. Rather than speak out, people bite their tongue and remain silent.

And then some wonder why Anonymous is known as a terrorist organization.

Stay tuned