som1hipaaThis individual or group has proven what I have been saying all along. They are willing to break the law in order to target people they want to silence or destroy. First of all, this individual implies that such a record exists. It does not since I have never been subject to mental confinement and so forth. In legal terms this is defamation of character since it is a false statement.

The next point here it is both illegal to obtain such records if they existed and it is also illegal to publish such information or otherwise distribute this information. If this individual is capable of getting such information then they would have to be an officer of the court. There is only one officer of the court that I personally know that is on twitter and I have no proof that she would be the one making this threat. I doubt that she would want to risk being sued or being disbarred by breaking the law in this manner.

This brings us to the next point. It is against both federal and state law to release such information to those who are not authorized to obtain it. Any record holder who does so not only is subject to criminal charges but they are also subject to being the defendant in any litigation.

Do note that the fines for such a violation can be over one million dollars. The awards in a civil lawsuit can be several times that amount.



Needless to say, if @sickomurt does either publish any private information, be it fake or real, I will be driving the four miles to the nearest agency that enforces these laws and press charges.

@Sickomurt keeps saying they are not a member of Anonymous. Oh really? How do we know this. We do not know the gender of this individual or group. We do not even know if this is an individual or if it is a group. We know absolutely nothing about who the account holder is.

The @sickomurt account holder is ashamed of their actions which is why nobody will own up as being behind the account.

It is also interesting that the supporters of rape survivors are silent on the use of the woman’s photo in the @sickomurt account. I seem to remember the uproar that was raised when doubt was stated about one woman’s claim that she was in fact a rape survivor. Scores of people expressed their disdain that anyone would cast doubt on any woman who made such a claim. It was stated by many that rape survivors who had not come forward may now decide not to do so because of these kinds of statements.

Did these same indignant individuals change their mind about such statements? Is it now accepted practice to doubt a woman’s statement of being a rape survivor? JANE-DOE-SUPPORTrapes1tsribbonrapes2Or is it, as it seems to be the case, that only the friends of said rape survivor will accept these claims and disavow the claims of those they consider enemies? I guess this means that those out there who claim to be supporters of rape survivors have severe limitations on that support.

That is a rather curious stand to take on such a serious subject.

At least the truth is now known about the validity of those who have the “I support jane doe” icon and ribbon on their social media accounts.

An Icon and ribbon that has vanished from many a so called supporters accounts.

Stay tuned