som2teal2anonfteal1rapes2rapes1As the attention paid to the Steubenville, Ohio rape case fades, it seems support for rape survivors are fading as well. Another change is taking place as well. At the height of the uproar over the Steubenville case and the subject of rape survival, it was the majority belief among these supporters that there should never be a doubt regarding a claim by a woman who declares herself a rape survivor. There are an increasing number of people on the internet, including those who also claim to have been a rape survivor to cast doubt on such a claim when it comes from someone with whom they disagree.

It is apparent now that support for rape survivors is fading as the social media wars between individuals are starting to heat up once again.

I wonder now, how many Jane doe rape survivors will choose to remain silent as posts of this nature increase on the internet.

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