waaIt has been an interesting experience being trolled by the past and current anonymous on twitter. The first thing I have noticed as those who are part of Anonymous do not have a clue what Anonymous is. These dumb people do not understand that there is no “membership” to anonymous. There is no charter anywhere that defines the so called mission of Anonymous. The intent by those who started the thing is that there would be no structure. There would be no leader. No regular meetings and no rules or regulations. Anonymous is anarchy at it’s finest.

The most prominent among these mental midgets, one @SickoMurt does not seem to understand that IT is Anonymous. The purpose of the Anonymous concept is that one is able to do whatever they damn well please while people do not have a clue who they are. They make up handles, like the one I am discussing here and do their deviant little deeds.

They dox and they troll, and a few may try their hands at hacking. What they do is waste everyone’s time and waste bandwidth with their trivial little antics. They debate with me and call me butthurt.

Oh really? After years of trying to clear the record and get to the truth, I decided to give up. I now get paid a living wage courtesy of the government to watch tv and surf the web. I was interviewed by the Social Security information and provided the hearing board with mountains of evidence to support my application for benefits. I was immediately granted full benefits. It was a very short hearing lasting only a few minutes. There was absolutely no doubt as to my qualifications.

Yet, these morons do not seem to understand that. It was Michelle L McKee that gave me the idea a few years back. I took her twitter post to an atty and he agreed. He did research and found that a large number of people used this suggestion to obtain benefits. This coupled with the mountain of evidence from made the whole thing an easy process.

Then, dumb people number two chimes in saying I should be able to get a job. His 66 year old Grandfather was able to, or so he claims. Pops does have a bit of a problem with the truth I am told. He did not say what kind of job he got nor did he state his grandfather’s qualifications.

These two are among a number of other dumb people who do not seem to understand that it is a tad hard for someone to get a job in this town who has all sorts of fake files and people posting that he is a pedophile on various blogs, forums and chats. Orlando is a tourist town. Our main source of work is the major theme parks, Walt Disney World and Universal Studios with Sea World a distant third. It is tough getting a full time job that averages 8.00 per hour. Most theme parks are only hiring part time workers averaging 20 hours a week. Do the math. Then one of these mental midgets brings up the all mighty Wal Mart. Same problem. Low wages, few full time jobs. So much for that bright idea. Oh by the way, Wal Mart reported unexpected loss of profit and LAY OFFS may result. Tisk tisk.

Oh, and then there is the little problem of the internet content I eluded to at the beginning of this post. It is with increasing frequency that employers are now doing Google searches on applicants. All the theme parks do this. Now If they do a Google search of me, what are they going to find? Remember, the customers of these theme parks and attractions are families. Families with CHILDREN. All those nice little links to the fake PM’s are out there. Then there are all those blogs that mention me. There are a lot of them. Now, put yourself in the mind of a prospective employer who might want to hire William K Murtaugh. They did the little Google search of me and my usernames that come up. They read Twitter and they might even drop in here. But why bother? They have plenty of applicants. They are younger, smarter and may not have a vigilante group trolling them. They are a third of my age and are highly educated. Why bother with a 62 year old alleged pedophile when a young and eager 20 year old with a clean slate is ready willing and able to go to work and show how good he/she is?

So, now, because of the actions of these haters, I sit here, watching HBO, playing Facebook games and writing this blog post. This while the rest of you get up and slave all day. Do not blame me, dear reader, blame my haters.

I am the product of their creation.

Stay tuned