For the past several days, a member of the internet terrorist group Anonymous has been exploiting the photo of a rape survivor in order to spread false information regarding the author of this blog. even suspended the user account due to the violation of their terms of service. Of course, members of Anonymous know how to beat the system. Anonymous follows their own rules. Anonymous considers themselves above you, me or anyone else on the internet.

Anyone who thinks that Anonymous is out for the common good is a fool. The truth is quite the opposite. Anonymous is about power. Anonymous is out to prove they can bend people to their will. Anonymous does so by duress by necessary.

One method Anonymous employs is to DOX their target. What is doxing? It is the publishing of the name, home address, employer contact information, all information regarding friends and family of the target, and so forth.

Anonymous always uses the excuse that all of this information is public so no crime is being committed. That is false as any law enforcement familiar with the laws will tell you. What Anonymous is doing is stalking. What Anonymous is doing is terrorism. Anonymous, for the most part, is made up of social outcasts. The members are usually either drunk or on illegal drugs. They constantly break the law and then brag about their exploits in hidden IRC chats.


knightsecJANE-DOE-SUPPORTkymaskIf you go against “the hive” as I have done, both current and former members of Anonymous will attack you. You will be doxed. You will have lies told about you on the internet. Anonymous supporters will create impersonator Twitter, Facebook and other social media websites and create things that they will then claim was done by you. Anonymous and their supporters will accuse you of being a supporter of rapists. Anonymous will accuse you of being a pedophile. Anonymous will accuse you of being a child pornographer.

What Anonymous will not do is admit that it is they who are the rapist supporters, the pedophiles, the child pornographers.

There is ample evidence. There are scores of stories where members of Anonymous have been arrested for all of the above mentioned crimes and more. Even the leaders of major occupy protests have been charged with multiple counts of  rape.

In a recent nationwide raid by the FBI of the trafficers of woman for prostitution and other sex crimes,  it was estimated that 25% of those arrested were affiliated in some manner with Anonymous. This amounts to several hundred sexual predators.

More raids are planned as the crimes of Anonymous and those who affiliate themselves with this terrorist group find themselves on the wrong side of the law. DHS, The FBI and other law enforcement agencies are finally waking up to the fact that Anonymous is not only a group of hackers who tamper with the internet “for the lulz” or who are stealing credit card information for resale on the criminal black market, but are actually the deviants of society who have migrated to the Anonymous movement in order to better carry out their sexual exploits and child pornography.

There are some out there who are going to argue that I am wrong. You do so at your peril. Remember this. Anonymous is just that, anonymous. There is no membership ritual to join Anonymous. Nobody is going to take your fingerprints. Nobody is going to do a criminal background check on you. Nobody is going to check the national sexual offender registry for your name. They cannot. They cannot because the criminals are Anonymous.

This is the ultimate weakness of Anonymous. They have no way of weeding out the bad guys. That is because THEY are the bad guys.

Stay tuned