There is a well known cyberbully that is now attacking me because of an article I wrote about Anonymous. In his profile he claims to be against cyberbullying. If that is the case then why has he made the threat to “dog” me day in and day out solely because of that article? What is it that Anonymous has to FEAR from a blog that has only 6 readers?



This proves that Anonymous is not only NOT who they claim to be. but they are also such a weak bunch of people that cannot even take criticism. They get butthurt if someone says anything about them that they do not agree with.

Is Anonymous so weak that an admitted troll and asshole has to come to their defense? Is Anonymous so weak and defenseless that they cannot make a reasoned response and instead resorts to trolling an elderly retired truck driver?


Judging by their supporters and their actions, it seems that Anonymous is nothing more than a bunch of little trolls wearing plastic masks.

Stay tuned