The TRUE character of my stalker has come to the surface. The stalker has now resorted to using the photo of a RAPE VICTIM in his attacks against me. This is not the first time this woman has been used in these smear campaigns. What does puzzle me is that ANONYMOUS is supposed to be DEFENDING rape victims against victimization. What is being seen here is the direct opposite. The truth about Anonymous is becoming clearer every day. They will resort to using a rape victim if it helps their cause. This nameless stalker has gone as far as to NAME THE RAPE VICTIM in his rants.


waaThe continuing rants by my stalker tells the truth about what Anonymous is and how they operate. Members of Anonymous create FAKE internet content and then spread that content around to tell lies about their target. The more the stalkers keep up their actions, the more it is being proven the kind of people are that make up this terrorist organization.


Stay tuned