Recently in a conversation on Facebook, Levi Page made a threat to publish some “material” about me. All of this started because I posted some photographs of buildings, streets and of all things, plants.


Lo and behold, a twitter account has appeared repeating the same defamation against me that has been in place since 2008.

This individual is in clear violation of Twitter terms of service and I could easily have the account shut down. I am not going to do so because I am not a COWARD. I do not hide behind ANONYMOUS fake names. I even have posted the number of the Orlando office of the FBI:


For good measure, I also included the number of the Orange County, Florida Sheriff’s department. BOTH of these agencies would love to know the name of the person behind that twitter account. If anyone knows the identity of ANY of the Anonymous members behind these attacks, notify BOTH of these law enforcement agencies immediately.


Since the deviant on Twitter will not give its name, I have no proof that it is Levi doing this. DO note, however that this threat was made IN PRIVATE to me and was NOT repeated anywhere on the internet. Levi has this interesting habit of posting things on the internet to me and then ERASING the posts once I have read them.

This person has even contacted the Terrorist group ANONYMOUS with its accusations against me.


ANONYMOUS has doxed me, ANONYMOUS put my COMPLETE contact information on the internet. My street address, phone number and even ECONOMIC INFORMATION is on line for all to see.

The so called “information” that was posted was investigated by law enforcement in 2008 and several times since then. LAW ENFORCEMENT have determined that the material is FAKE,yet this PHONY person over on Twitter places my safety in peril by making these outrageous public statements for THOUSANDS to see.

waaNow yet again, I have to be concerned about some ANONYMOUS nut with a gun who might decide to dispense his own brand of justice.

And then people wonder why I hate ANONYMOUS?

Stay tuned