dhsHere we go again. About an hour before this blog was written, I was awoken out of a sound sleep when my phone rang. I answered to be subjected to a long diatribe consisting of a lot of profanity and accusations of being a pedophile and so forth. I was then told to go kill myself. This demand was then followed by the Anonymous mantra:

waa ” We do not forgive, we do not forget, expect us.”

Since I was now wide awake, I decided to go on line again and when I checked my twitter account, the message below is what I saw. This happened quite often in the past. There are several of these twitter accounts out there as well as a number of blogs making accusations of this nature.

Note the fact that this message came through 6+ hours prior to my reading it and screen capturing it. It is rather coincidental that it is about the same time of the evening that a certain person from up north posted the exact same accusation 24 hours ago. Unfortunately I cannot prove who this coward is because it hides behind an Anonymous name.



To those who have not been around, this has been going on since September of 2008. I would get calls every day from that date until this time last year. The calls were always the same. I am to kill my self. I am to kill myself on the internet in front of a video cam for all to see.

People have asked me why I have such a low opinion of Anonymous and why I want to see every single one of them in jail.

Now you know.

Stay tuned