Sometimes the ignorance of the media and the public amazes me. Everyone is cheering Snowden for being a hero for bring to light that we are being spied on by the NSA. Recently this article appeared on the internet:


This is yet another journalist making an issue out of the NSA and other agencies collecting information on us for whatever purposes these agencies have in mind.

In all the excitement about all of this, one spy agency gets totally IGNORED. That agency is ANONYMOUS. These folks place themselves above the law. If you are declared as a target of one of their OPS, you will be researched and find ALL of your information splattered all over the internet. ANONYMOUS does not care if lives are put in peril by doxing people that have been accused of being a pedophile, for instance. ANONYMOUS is not law enforcement. They are not constrained by the constitution of any country including this one.

Their mantra is “guilty even if legally proven innocent.” Anonymous will target you if they feel you are guilty of anything, even if the evidence proves otherwise. They do not care. All Anonymous cares about is their power trip. Anyone who thinks that Anonymous is doing anyone any good is a fool. You might as well give them all of your personal information since they probably have it already.

Stay tuned