cnnThe CNN KID who seems to have me as a target in his sights after claiming to “doing something” to Ron Cummings is at it yet again. This time posting a link to a FIVE YEAR OLD 2 second video that was posted by a well known scammer on a social media website.

What is being demonstrated here, is the truth behind the contention that the CNN KID has been engaged in the practice of stalking for the sole purpose of defaming and smearing the reputation of those he targets. It seems that rather than preparing material for his so called blog on true crime, this rather sick individual has decided to engage in personal attacks against people that he has some sort of vendetta against.

It appears that I now have to endure a rehash of personal attacks that were made against me in 2008 by members of Anonymous and others who attached themselves to these antics.

What is it that the CNN KID is trying to hide by diverting attention AWAY from questions that have been asked of HIM recently?

This latest personal attack by the CNN KID makes it even more clear that his actions regarding the Haleigh Cummings case needs to be looked in as thoroughly as can be done.

The actions by the CNN KID would indicate that there is something he is trying to hide that needs to be found out and disclosed to the public, and perhaps law enforcement as well.

Stay tuned