cnndhsa.jpgI just had an interesting conversation in chat with someone who seems to think there may be grounds for charges of obstruction of justice against those bloggers who openly “warned” me that the Department of Homeland Security is “on my ass.”

While it is rather absurd that the DHS would be interesting in me in any fashion, it seems rather odd that if the federal government is conducting a covert investigation of me by reading articles about me on OTHER blogs rather than this one, that the bloggers in question would tip me off.

It would defeat the DHS’s effort to keep the investigation confidential. I am certain that IF there was such an investigation underway, the feds would not be pleased at the bloggers “spilling the beans” and in effect, blowing the investigation.

That is, of course, if there is actually an investigation going on or this is just a stunt by blogger trolls out for attention.

Agents from the DHS or any other agency are welcome here any time. I have coffee and doughnuts waiting for them.

Stay tuned