cnndhsnsaThere seems to be an increasing amount of paranoia by the blogging community over federal agencies coming in and reading the content of their blogs. Within the past few months there have been a number of bloggers claim that the FBI, DHS and other government agencies are “visiting” their blogs and reading specific articles.

Just this morning, yet another article appeared on the internet about the US government conducting these kind of searches.

What actually may be triggering some of these “visits” is cited in the above article:


“To seize and search through all of this information without a warrant, the agency must comply with just a few legal limitations. Under the FISA Amendments Act, the NSA is not allowed to intentionally collect purely domestic information. That is, the NSA can search communications it believes begin or terminate in another country, either based on the facility where the information is collected (for example, an undersea cable) or other signifier, like an IP address that suggests origination abroad.”


At least one of the blogs making these claims is operated entirely on a foreign operated hosting site.


I have had other sources tell me that the claims regarding DHS visits were the result of the blog owners using clever hacking tools to “fake website visits.” in order to intimidate individuals or make their blogs out to be more important than they actually are. It would seem that the mainstream media would be the best source to find out the truth of these accusations rather than a few obscure bloggers out to gain some much needed attention.


Stay tuned