hlcholmsethAt the height of interest in the case of missing Haleigh Cummings saw the arrival of one Tim Holmseth. The actions of this lone individual was to spark one of the most intense and long lasting series of events having to do with the search for the still missing child and the reasons she disappeared.


As he became more well known and prominent among those with an intense interest in the case, Mr Holmseth soon found himself the target of an increasing number of people who were not happy with what he was doing. In the mist of all of this, Mr Holmseth turned his attention to a prominent Florida attorney and her family.

At this point it was literally a he said she said scenario as Mr Holmseth and the attorney battled with each other with the attorney winning the battle. Mr. Holmseth found himself in a major legal battle that not only tore his own family apart but had him paying a stiff price for confronting a high powered Florida attorney who would spare no expense to protect her family from what she defined as actions of stalking and harassment.

Soon battle lines were drawn. The war became those who supported Tim Holmseth and those who were against Tim Holmseth and were determined to drive him into obscurity.

Their goal was to shut him up.

The question has to be, why? While some of his actions may be considered radical and “out there” Holmseth was but one of quite a few individuals who garnered attention due to their actions in either doing something proactive or in raising certain questions while trying to figure out why Haleigh disappeared and who was behind it.

The case has now gone cold. There are those who strongly believe Haleigh is dead and there are those who strongly believe that Haleigh is still alive. Tim Holmseth is one who leans toward her being alive.

The vast majority of those against Tim Holmseth believe that Haleigh is dead and have strongly advocated their point of view.

Their point of view is so strong that they will use any means necessary to enforce their viewpoint even if it means destroying their enemy in the process.

Their interest has turned away from finding the answers as to what happened to Haleigh and is solely directed at enforcing their points of view.

In order to find the truth and the answers regarding this case, it will be necessary for a neutral third party with the reputation and resources to seek out the truth of who is right and who is wrong.

It would also be this neutral third party that might get at the truth regarding Tim Holmseth and find out if the attacks against him were justified or not.

Now all that remains is to see if there is someone out there willing to take up the challenge.

Stay tuned