ronchlcIn a rather intense facebook conversation with me, Levi Page makes a rather interesting statement regarding the father of the still missing child Haleigh Cummings.


Now, what exactly is it that Levi Page did to the father of a missing child. Why did Levi Page feel it necessary to bring Ron Cummings into the conversation having to do with a blog I wrote about HIM?

That rather curious statement by Levi Page has to make one wonder just exactly what his connection to the Cummings case actually is. He seems to have an unusual interest in the case and with those who try and follow it on their own. Levi is threatening to ruin someone’s reputation simply because they will not do what he wants him to do. Is this the kind of person CNN wants to hire? Is this the new mantra of on line journalists? Are we now to be subjected to power hungry bloggers who use the medium to threaten and intimidate those they have issues with?

Levi Page seems to think he has the power to threaten people through his on line presence and the promise of litigation if his demands are not met.

It is unfortunate that those in the mainstream media do not take a closer look at Levi Page and his dealings with the Cummings family and those Levi Page is alleged to have targeted over the years.

Perhaps answers regarding what happened to Haleigh may finally be found.

Stay tuned