Apparently Levi Page does not like it when people stand up to him. For some odd reason Levi Page started to take issue with me posting photographs on my Twitter account. He made several comments on twitter which he then deleted.











Mr. Page then posted that the Department of Homeland Security is “on my ass” apparently basing his claim on the fact that a reference to DHS appeared on a blog that HE wrote about me.

Mr Page also takes issue with me defining what he is doing as deviant behavior. That happens to be my opinion of his actions. I have never met Mr Page. I have no affiliation with Mr. Page.

It is Mr Page that selected ME out of millions of other twitter posters to take issue with me posting pictures of plants and buildings. He calls that trolling.

The simple solution for Mr Page would be to stop reading my twitter posts, to stop reading what I do on Facebook and to quit reading this blog.


It seems that is something that Mr Page is incapable of doing.


Stay tuned