cnncp1Every day on Twitter and elsewhere on social media websites, people post photos of people places and things. Under ordinary circumstances, these items go unnoticed by persons other than those the material was intended for. Such was the case with my twitter account.

I posted a number of photos recently, a couple as late as a couple of hours before the writing of this blog. Now for some peculiar reason, a college kid from up in Tenn or perhaps Ga as he frequents both states, took issue with the photos I had posted.


I made no comment nor claim in regards to any of those photographs which are still on my account. I simply posted them there. What I do find strange is that someone that I DO NOT FOLLOW nor FOLLOWS ME took it upon himself to comment on the photos in a negative manner.

I am a retired 62 year old truck driver that spends the bulk of his time surfing the internet playing on line games and watching late night television.

So, why is it that this youngster from afar deem it necessary to spam my twitter account with these negative comments?

What compounds this rather odd behavior is that the individual then deletes the posting as to not have the proof of his stalking visible for all to see.

What kind of deviant person does that sort of thing?

What other kinds of deviant things is this college kid doing? Stalking underage children, perhaps? Child porn perhaps? Just what kind of deviant things is this college kid capable of?

And to whom else has this person done this sort of thing and has he done so under countless different twitter or social media identities?

It sounds like someone needs to find out.

Stay tuned