Probably one of the hardest jobs on the internet is that of a moderator or administrator of a blog, form or chat site. The larger the site, the harder the job. A perfect example of how hard this job is to perform is to go and visit

This is a massive website. It is one of the largest and most well established true crime websites on the internet today. It takes a lot of people to run it effectively. These people are volunteers who donate their time and effort in order for the visitors to read and debate with minimal interruption or upset.


People being what they are will test the patience of these noble volunteers who, day in and day receive both praise and criticism for the fruits of their labors.

I am certain that they, along with us on the outside are watching closely the path the current events are causing Websleuths to take as the disputes work their way towards resolution.

Everyone is hoping that things turn out for the best for Websleuths. Someone made a comment recently on a forum  “Websleuth is bigger than those who own it.”

That is most certainly true. It is those who participate and moderate it that make what it is.

To those who give forth their time and effort to moderate and administer Websleuths, I send you my congratulations on a job well done and keep up the good work.

Stay tuned