There is, on occasion, a report in the news about a reporter who is injured because he or she is in the middle of covering a story. It may be in the middle of a war, or a riot or a fight.


In this instance, it is a fight that has put a reporter in the hospital. Each and every day there are independent reporters who put their safety and welfare at risk to bring us stories that may interest us or may cause us to make a difference in society.

These reporters spend hours, days and even weeks to put a piece together that may only be a few hundred words in length or a few minutes or an hour at length on television or on the internet.

I have just learned of such an instance. A well known journalist among those who have adopted the new media broadcast format attempted to intervene in a fight among 30 persons in a homeless camp. The price that Don Carpenter paid for his intervention was to be stabbed three times.


I first became aware of Don Carpenter when he started covering the Big Red Rape Case in Steubenville, Ohio. I have followed his journey through new media brodcasting since then. He had made the announcement that he was going to start a documentry on the homeless in Pittsburgh, Pa.

Many cities feel they need to criminalize homelessness and Don Carpenter became concerned enough with this problem to stop his coverage of the other stories he was working on to devote all of his attention to this issue.

This has cost him a trip to the hospital.

I wish Don well and hope his recovery is swift so that he can return to doing the work he loves.

I would hope that all of us on the internet can join together to send our hopes and prayers to Don. We are all with him in spirit.