websleuthsOver the years, I have always supported Trica Griffith and of Websleuths. This support has been in spite of being banned from that Forum since 2008. I have supported the notion that it is the right as the owner of that website, to decide who and who not to allow to participate actively within the various topic areas a blog or forum.

In light of recent comments appearing on this blog, I have to reassess my support of Websleuths and it’s owner Trica Griffith. The main reason is MONEY. I have been aware of rumors for quite some time that Websleuths has been suffering from a severe cash shortage and as a result, loans from individuals have been sought from some of the senior members. It has been alleged that these loans have gone unpaid.


The one comment below is but one of several that have been posted here by those who have expressed their individual concerns about what has been going on at Websleuths:

This is Raine1212, The reason behind this little statement is this. I am sick to death of being accused of being in cahoots with Tricia of Webslueths and involved with her Radio Show. Also, i would like to state I am not involved with Tricia Griffith of Websleuths nor is Tricia involved with my new forum.

The fact is it was my decision to leave Websleuths. I was not banned or demoted as some claim. The reason I left is personal, however I think it is important to clear up any misconceptions, and have decided to share my reasons with you.

1. Tricia knew what I was going to say that night on her Radio show, Tricia is the one that threw me under the bus and pretended she did not know.
Tricia is the one that had me contact Mark Redwine so he would come on her show to begin with. She asked me to work my magic to get Mr. Redwine on her show.

2. February of this year Tricia needed money, and told me that it was to help with the server fee, and for private bills and such.

Stupidly I thought we were best friends, Boy was I fooled to find out that I was being used for money and that is how I feel now. Total amount I gave to Tricia was around $3,000.00 or so. I have been promised for 3 weeks I would be receiving a check,I have not. I am supposed to get a check today for what amount I do not know.
After I left another site I received alot of calls from Tricia asking me have I talked with Sosueme or any one about the money.

Frustrated and upset over being used and thrown under a bus so she could look good, I finally went to sosueme at Websleuths.. I have been assured that action will be taken, what that is I am not sure, but I do trust that now it will be handled. Sosueme has been wonderful and appreciative and very helpful to me, I do now understand why Tricia only wanted me to contact her about problems when I was a mod, she never wanted any of this to get out. This make total sense now.

So raine1212 was used by what she thought was a true friend. True Friends do not throw friends under a bus to make themselves look good or get rating for the Radio shows. I have the supporting documents to back up all the money. So believe what you may, but always make sure a true friend is a friend. I also feel that others may be in the same situation as I am. That is another reason I have decided to share this information. I hope that reading this gives others the courage to come forward if they feel they have been taken advantage of in this way.


There have been some well known on line personalities leave the internet and the sole reason for doing so has been because of concerns over money.

One well known new media broadcaster made a public announcement that his departure from broadcasting was due to a dispute with the service provider over revenue. He felt that he was not making enough money.

Up until the time he made that announcement, I was not aware that he was using his webstreaming show to earn a living.


Make no mistake, I have no problem with people making money off of what they do on the internet. I am not one of those people who go around and say that people should not make money discussing certain topics on the internet.

The mainstream media does this on a daily basis. What does concern me is how these personalities handle situations where their cash flow does not meet their income expectations or falls below what is needed to cover their overhead.

All businesses operate on a cost to profit ratio. A business owner must be aware of their expenses and have enough of a cash flow to cover them.

What seems to be the problem with Websleuth’s, however, is that the owner, Trica Griffith, has elected to borrow the operating capitol from friends and associates rather than from more conventional sources such as a financial institution.

There is nothing wrong with doing so as long as it is intended that the funds be repaid according to whatever agreement was entered into when the loan was made.

In this rather extended economic crises, it is not uncommon for people to seek out friends and associates for loans to get them through a bad financial cycle in an effort to save their business.

The problem with doing so, however, is not only to risk the obvious legal ramifications, but to also risk the costs of close friendships and long standing damages to ones reputation.

This seems to be the risk that Trica Griffiths has taken and the situation she now finds herself in.

Stay tuned