Deric Lostutter is at it again starting yet another donation drive. This time it is to get some start up funding for his computer business. His goal this time, $500.00 to cover start up costs.


He will need a heck of a lot more than that. As a former business owner, I can tell him that his base start up costs will run into the thousands. He would need the equivalent of one year’s gross income in the bank.

He has to pay an estimated income tax IN ADVANCE  each quarter (three months) which includes the taxes paid by an employer. He also has rent and utilities as well as costs for supplies, tools and other business related expenses.

He would also need to have the funds to cover his personal expenses as his business expenses are always separate.

He would be better off trying to get a SBA loan rather then starting these donation drives which seem to be getting on the nerves of his fellow Anons who are getting wise to who he really is.

Of course there is always Rosie

Stay tuned