scalesjusticeThere comes today, a chance for there to be a fresh start within the true crime blogging community. I have learned of a new blog that promises to post articles by various contributors of interest to those of us who follow the subjects having to do with true crime. There is the promise not to allow the drama that has plagued the blogs of the past.

There are, of course, those established blogs out there that have stayed the course and have not allowed the drama experienced over the years to enter into into their realm. This is as it should be. People should have the opportunity to have valued and heated discussions about those subjects they are passionate about.

These valued and heated discussions should not cross over into personal attacks on each other simply over the opposing viewpoints of one another. Out of these differences may come unexpected solutions.

The participants of the new blog promise that drama will not be part of the equation of the new blog. I hope they are able to keep that promise.

This blog is not a true crime blog. I never pretended that it was. It had one primary purpose and everyone understands what that purpose is.

There is a gradual change that has taken place within the blogging and new media community, recently. The new blog is part of what I hope is that change.

There is plenty of room for diverse blogs, and new media stream sites without the constant discourse that has taken place over the years.

It is a lesson that should have been learned back then, but it is a lesson that can be learned today.

Stay tuned