knightsecThere has been a rather curious thing occurring on twitter recently. It seems that the well known New Media broadcaster, blogger and journalist decided to check out Kykentucky’s claim that he somehow obtained inside information from the Ohio Grand Jury stating that some 48 indictments were to be handed down as a result of their investigation so far.

Bear in mind that Grand Jury investigations are supposed to be held in secret. The public cannot attend them and neither can those being investigated.

Now @Shadowrapz as he is now known as has commented that he is the best friends of a police chief. I think this had something to do with him warning folks out there against unwanted visits.

Perhaps Mr Carpenter can find out the truth for us.  I was a bit surprised to find out that Mr. Carpenter decided to check into what Mr. Lostutter had been claiming in his recent twitter posts, since he seemed to be a big supporter of Kykentucky early on due to his support of Jane Doe.

Mr Carpenter did what all good journalists do and decided to get to the truth of the matter. He sent an e-mail to the State of Ohio atty office and made a FOIA request regarding Mr Lostutter’s claim.

Sometime today, Mr. Carpenter got his answer. It was the standard “We cannot comment on the Steubenville Grand Jury other than session dates.”

The statement did not  stop there, however. There was a sentence within the e-mail that might want to have some anonymous as well as some associated with Mr. Lostutter scurrying like mice to the nearest criminal defense attorney.

Regarding the veracity of Mr. Lostutter’s claims; We have previously confirmed that the Ohio State Attorney General’s Office, including BCI have interviewed witnesses as part of The Grand Jury Investigation: However, we cannot confirm weather Mr. Lostutter is such a witness or if he IS NOT a potential witness.”

Do note that Mr. Lostutter has posted on several occasions that the FBI raided his residence in Kentucky and took possession of his electronic gadgetry along with all of his storage devices.























Things are not looking so well for the friends and associates of Mr. Lostutter.

Mr. Carpenter went on to state that he had more information regarding Steubenville that he might reveal this coming Monday.

The clock is ticking.

Stay tuned