Here we go again with more rants from the island. I am not sure who the latest person was who has drawn the attention of the recluse from the small  village (population of around 7,500) of Gig Harbor, Washington, but it certainly has not been me.


I had not been paying much attention lately to this lying piece of work since I have more important things to do such as harvest my virtual crops on facebook. Lately, however, I have become rather bemused by some of the rantings coming from her.

The latest “leave me alone” rant strikes me as a bit hypocritical. The reason being is it was Michelle L McKee who put herself into her current position in the first place.


The person who is the subject of the rant above is alleged by her of a sex crime against her yet she confronts him. This is something law enforcement certainly does not encourage.

Michelle L McKee has been inserting herself into the business of other people for at least a decade if not longer. Up until 2008, I was not even aware she even existed. It turns out that I became a person of interest of hers in 2006, a full two years before I was aware of her. For two full years, I did not know this moron had been calling law enforcement claiming that I had something to do with the DEATH of a child that is still missing as of today. mlm5

It was right after a set of PM’s mysteriously appeared with my name all over them that the name of Michelle L McKee became known right along with her mentor Alexandra H Goddard.


The above conversation came from YEARS AGO when both accounts were PRIVATE. It was sent to be by someone who claimed to be a close confidant of the both of them. This is clear proof of their stalking of me through the hacking of my PC.

What better way to create a set of faked Pm’s then to extract the log in information of the account from my pc and then use that information to create a conversation that did not exist.

It is 2013 and coming up on a full 7 years since this woman barged into my life. The remains of her propaganda campaign against me and others remains on the internet forever.

Then today, she posts yet again for pleas for people to “leave her alone.”

A sage piece of advise for Michelle L McKee should be for her to leave other people alone and not barge into their business, then perhaps, she would be left alone to wallow in her self pity.

Unfortunately that advice comes too late for those whose lives she has destroyed by not “leaving them alone.”

Stay tuned