The main defense that Michelle L McKee has put forth is that someone in the small village of Gig Harbor, Washington shares almost the exact same name as she does. The only difference is one letter of her middle name. The real one has an E, at the end of her middle name and the unreal one does not. mlmcrecOr so she says.

Now Ms McKee puts forth the proposition that I, living thousands of miles from Gig Harbor, Washington should go through the financial trouble of getting a FOIA report on the Michelle L McKee that seems to garner a lot of attention of the local judicial system.

There are a couple of things here. First of all, I am broke. It would cost a fair amount of MONEY to contact the clerk of the court and procure the funds necessary to get the appropriate transcripts which there seems to be a lot of. One of the Michelle L McKee’s of this really small village has been quite busy within the local court system and thus has generated quite a lot of paperwork.

patbrownThe other thing is that this “it’s not me” defense is directly counter to what this woman has claimed for years. She has been placing the blame for her troubles at the foot of one Pat Brown, the well known personality that has been on CNN and other national networks as an expert in the art of criminal profiling. The one who Michelle L McKee, a person who has only been seen in ONE short VIDEO that has since VANISHED, declares is a fraud. Michelle L McKee accused Pat Brown of exposing all of her personal information including her real name of Michelle LYNN McKee. So, is Michelle lying now by saying that her middle name is LYNNE rather than the middle name of LYNN that we have all have known her by since 2008?

Oh, there was that long forgotten claim that Michelle L McKee was not even her real name. Sounds like a little too much spin from the spin queen.

Stay tuned