In a way, I am getting a kick out of the new blog that was created that had as it’s first article, an attack against me. One of the first things the blog owner did was to post my street address, or, according to the post, the address of my girlfriend.


Then, I read today of the last rant by this unknown blogger about the twitter storm that occurred with the last 24 hours prior to this writing.

I guess the blogger does not read their own blog, for if they did, they might have altered their little article.



The blogger also commented on the Zimmerman case as well as the fact that the doxing of Goddard included what is claimed to be her old address.

There was a doxing of an address in regards to the Zimmerman case. What was done is that the WRONG address was put up. The idiot who decided to do his own doxing put up the address of an innocent victim that had nothing to do with the case and who is not related to the Zimmerman’s in any way.

Do I condone the practice of doxing? No, I do not. The problem is that the cat is out of the bag. Just about everyone is being doxed and an increasing number of people are starting to dox in retaliation.

Those who started the practice of doxing are now being doxed.

The students are applying the lessons of their teachers.

Stay tuned