A good number of people have been wondering how Michelle McKee is able to keep such close track of people’s internet accounts. That is, until tonight.

Insert your own search term in the command line and watch what happens. This is a real neat little spying tool.



It seems there is an option to search on twitter in real time. From what I gather, that means you can enter a search term or name of twitter account holder and any twitter mentioning that person, to that person or posted by that person will show up in the search results each and every time it appears on twitter.

Now why would someone need to keep such close track of someone? Well there is one scenario to consider. Remember about all of this talk about people working with the FBI in regards to the actions of Anonymous and others? Remember also that there have been an increasing number of raids of those associated with BOTH McKee AND Kyanonymous? What better way to keep track of twitter traffic and target certain suspects than the use of that little tool?


It is certainly something for people to be concerned about, especially if they were in any way involved in any ops lately.


POTUS, by the way stands for President of the United States. Kind of a fairly high connection for an unemployed recluse, don’t ya think?

By the way, if you didn’t order anything, why is there a FED EX truck parked at your front door?

Stay tuned