If anything has come out of the debate with the newborn blog is that the author will do anything to wiggle out of being on the wrong side of the argument.

The blogger is clearly biased against me and no amount of debate is going to convince that person(s) to employ common sense so this is the last time I will debate that blog on the subject. In fact, I am finished mentioning that blog at all. It is yet another blog craving attention. I will no longer give it that attention.

One last time. The blogger calls me a hypocrite about the doxing issue. It is not me that is being the hypocrite but the other blogger is. It seemed to take a stance when writing about McKee being doxed only to criticize me when I pointed out that not only has McKee doxed me but the blogger as well.

Rather than the blogger admitting that it also condones the practice of doxing and actually engaging in the same thing, the blogger insists on calling me a hypocrite.

It is a false representation of what I said, of course. I had said that everyone is already doxing. They are doing so in retaliating for being doxed themselves. Since McKee, Goddard and others insisted on starting this sort of thing, it is only fair that others play by THEIR RULES and dox them.

I still do not condone the practice of doxing but now that everyone is doing it, I do not see the practice ending anytime soon.

Stay tuned