Starting in September of 2008 and continuing to this day, there is personal information out there about me, my current and former girlfriend, as well as a number of those who have had the courage to be my friends and supporters. This information includes street address, phone numbers, family member names, employer information and so forth.

Someone who claimed to be a long time supporter of Goddard and McKee wrote me recently and told me that they had seen enough of their actions to discontinue that support and had stated their intention to post information about them as they did about others.


The recent doxing that appeared on twitter may or may not be by that person. The doxing seems to have touched a nerve with Michelle McKee who expressed concerns about the risk to her grand daughter who “spends time” at that address.


Is Michelle McKee the ONLY person out there that has children or  grand children? What about the others that have been doxed. Don’t those people have children or grand children?halfbreed

Is the answer to that question that Michelle McKee cares ONLY for her grand daughter and does not give a damn about the children or grand children of others that have been doxed?

I warned years ago “beware of the unintended consequences.” Michelle McKee did not heed that warning.

Stay tuned