fbiI am watching the latest game being played on twitter with mild amusement. At the center of this latest circus is one Michelle Lynn McKee who seems to be the ringleader.

Michelle McKee cannot seem to make up her mind when it comes to who is a fed, who is not a fed, who is able to gain the attention of the feds, and who is not able to gain the attention of the feds.

Over the years, Michelle McKee has written blog after blog about her investigative exploits first with the Capitol hill murders in Seattle Washington where she actually pulled a Nancy Drew and personally went out on a quest to investigate that one. She then starts contacting law enforcement about one Michelle Deveraeux because she was not happy how she tracked down one Diana Napolis and brought her to justice for threatening the lives of Steven Spielberg, Jennifer Love Hewitt and others because of her tin hat theories.






Michelle Lynn McKee then goes after me, a truck driver thousands of miles away in Florida and blames me for the demise of just about every missing child in the State of Florida.

Michelle L McKee makes it a point to assure her readers that I have had no influence with law enforcement but that she has. Michelle McKee has bragged time and again about her influence with law enforcement and her investigations of organized crime when employed by the NICB, a trade association of the liability insurance industry.

True to her nature Michelle L McKee became involved with the high profile rape case in Ohio and in the process of investigating certain aspects of that case, decided to reach out to Anonymous for help. Her main contact? The then hero Kyanonymous and his associates.

Things were going gangbusters for everyone who was intent on finding out the truth about who did what and why until some rather odd things started happening. The foundation of solidarity of Anonymous and the outsiders working with them started to crumble when their actions started coming to the attention of the Feds.

Suddenly people were scurrying around like roaches when the lights were turned on, trying to figure out what to do about this latest problem. Soon accusations about this person or that person began to emerge about being an insider for the feds, or a fed working under cover to infiltrate the Anonymous movement.

It did not help matters that all of a sudden one Anonymous after another started to get a house call from their local swat team and were soon parted from their on line paraphernalia. The coffers of the FBI evidence rooms soon filled with pc’s smart phones, external storage devices.

Bloggers and twitter account holders soon found they were being tracked by law enforcement. Then in mid April, the raid heard around the world happened. The Fed Ex truck that was not a Fed Ex Truck paid a visit to a remote homestead in Kentucky and out came a swarm of law enforcement spearheaded by the FBI. The feds walked away with all of this person’s toys and gave him orders not to talk about this raid.


Why? Because the feds had some spring cleaning to do. They had other targets and the last thing they wanted was for Kyanonymous to do is to call up his friends to give them the heads that some unwanted company was about to come their way.

The story of the raid soon came out. Rather conveniently it was right about the time that a defense fund was set up to raise money to fight the impending indictments that would be handed down. Or would they? It is now mid July and so far, not a peep out of the feds.

The cause of the so called raid was claimed to be the hacking of a lone website in Steubenville, Ohio that was dedicated to the local sports team.

Soon, Michelle L McKee emerged as the cheerleader for this defense fund that was purported to be set up, not only for this Kyanonymous character (who has since changed his handle, by the way) but for other Anonymous who have found themselves gaining the unwanted attention of the FBI.

McKee also focused all of her attention on Kyanonymous, expressing her unwavering support of him almost on a daily basis. Then, she started shifting tactics putting the blame on certain bloggers that she has had issues with since the Steubenville fiasco started.

I was soon named as being a fed as well, or at least working with the feds to bring down the almighty Anonymous.

What little detail that McKee fails to leave out is that I was DOXED. I was also the center of attention of Kyanonymous and other Anons over a photograph that appeared on my twitter account and McKee’s constant pointing out to the members of Knightsec that I had been a thorn in her side for years.

It should be of no surprise then, that on the hard drive of Kyanonymous’s computer should be my name, all of the files supplied to him by McKee and others as well as links to the various websites that Kyanonymous and his associates visited to gather the information in order to dox me and several others that were on their hit list.

Imagine my surprise when I started getting calls from both the Ohio and Kentucky bureaus of the FBI wanting to know if I was the same William Murtaugh that had turned up on several pastebin websites as well as on the twitter and IRC accounts of at least a dozen members of Anonymous.

Now this information about me did not get on the hard drives and storage media of certain members of Anonymous because I put them there. This information got on these devices because of the actions of these Anonymous members.

I am not the only one being contacted, by the way. There are quite a few others who are getting the unexpected news that their names and personal information are showing up on Anonymous member’s computers.

A majority of these people have chosen not to be vocal about being contacted by the feds. Because of that, various anons will not find out they are about to get a fed visit before it is too late to do anything about the information they have on THEIR electronic devices and various on line accounts that might require them to retain the services of an attorney.

Knowing that sooner or later, people are going to focus on just who it is that is the main cheerleader for Kyanonymous, Michelle L McKee is muddying the waters by placing the reason for all of the trouble for Anonymous members squarely on the shoulders of a retired truck driver and a few house wives.

Now who is it better for the FBI to be working with? A few housewives and a retired truck driver?

Or a former fraud analyst who used to be chummy ( or may still be) with a former deputy director of the FBI?

Stay tuned