In the continuing debate about gun control that will likely be sparked by the Not Guilty verdict is one method of controlling gun control may come into play, not by the legislature but by the liability insurance industry.


Because of constitutional constraints, the federal government is severely limited in how it can regulate gun ownership. In states like Florida, obtaining a concealed weapons is a fairly easy and inexpensive process.

Florida also has fairly Liberal laws governing where a concealed weapon can be carried which is just about anywhere the gun owner pleases.

This is where our beloved liability insurance carriers come into play.

George Zimmerman is likely going to be slapped with a wrongful death lawsuit. The homeowners association is also likely going to be a part of the wrongful death lawsuit because it is they that allowed the establishment of a Neighborhood Watch program and did not ensure that Zimmerman would use a firearm in a responsible manner.

I half expect to see the well known Florida lawyer John Morgan or one of his colleges come out of the woodwork saying that they are representing the Martin family in the wrongful death lawsuit against Zimmerman and whoever else they can put on the lawsuit.

This means that at least one liability insurance carrier is going to be on the hook when it comes time to pay out not only the settlement but all of the legal fees for both sides of the lawsuit.

Someone working in the liability insurance insurance is going to make the proposal that it is time to start charging high premiums to those who wish to carry a concealed weapon and this will also mean that any apartment complex that rents to a gun owner will also be slapped with additional premiums.

There is already a precedent for this. Owners of aggressive breeds of dogs are now required to carry additional liability on their homeowners insurance policies and landlords also require insurance and liability waivers for the owners of  aggressive breeds of dogs.

The State of Florida may also require liability insurance to be purchased by gun owners before obtaining a permit that same way one has to do so before purchasing an auto license plate.

If incidents such as the Zimmerman case become more common, it is likely that it will be the liability insurance industry that will step in and do something about it.

Stay tuned