An interesting twitter post came to my attention a short while ago. It seems that the donation drive of Kyanonymous may have suffered a reversal of sorts.


At first glance, he seems to be doing rather well, garnering over 50 grand in donations.


However when one clicks on the second hyperlink in the twitter post, something rather curious happens.


There seems to be a Wal Mart style rollback taking place. The fund amount is actually DOWN by around 5 grand.

There are a number of reasons why this might be taking place. One reason is that there is not an indication of funds being paid to the target of the donation. The tally is solely an indication of the current gross donation amount.

The factors for this drop in funds may be due to there not being enough funds in the donor’s accounts. Payouts are not always immediate and thus it might have taken time for the payouts to be declined.

This might also be caused by improper information such as the wrong pin number being entered for the card or other information that caused the transaction to be voided.

The final reason is most likely the actual one. An increasing number of people may have decided that the cause is not worthy of their hard earned funds and the donors are cancelling their donations before the 30 day deadline for the charge back option comes about.

There has been a lot of on line traffic by those who have expressed their concerns about how KY is going about his donation requests and also in the additional reasons for requesting donation amounts to yet other accounts he has set up for this purpose.

The one question remains is how low will the final donation tally go?

Stay tuned