For a short while now, I have been the target of a rather strange new blog. For some reason this piece of work seems to get off on defaming me and now insists on putting the security of complete strangers at risk by constantly posting a street address purported to belong to a friend of mine.


Now, someone out there would call this stalking if done to them. But when this sort of thing is done by their enemies, they are ok with it. It seems that this new tactic of putting all kinds of information is the norm in an attempt to deny a person’s freedom of speech by intimidating them into silence.


This is not going to happen. The one nice thing that will come out of this is that I will get free security service from my local law enforcement since this  posting of my personal information is a direct threat and they will now increase their patrols that will be funded by the taxpayers of Orange County Florida.

Saves having to pay Brinks security for an alarm system.

Stay tuned