books2The idea of virtual telephone books is not new. With the various search services out there, it is an easy process to obtain the telephone number of just about anyone you might need to call.

What is new in this case is an idea that someone has come across. It seems there is a key player in the various drama who defected from supporting one particular internet celebrity who happens to have a lot of interesting information.

Upon reading the little dispute I have been having with a certain blog, this person is mulling over the idea of putting up a rather unique virtual phone book.

booksNot only would there be the usual telephone number, street address along with the name of the person, but other useful information as well. Other information provided may be photographs, employer information, arrest or civil lawsuit records and so forth.

If the person goes through with this idea, they have assured me that I would be sent a link.

Rather than use Twitter, this person intends to use an internet site that will be difficult to shut down.

The creator of this virtual phone book said the information provided will make the Anonymous doxing look like child’s play

Now this should liven things up.

Stay tuned.