juryroomThe time had come. The prosecution had rested, the defense had rested. Now came the time for each atty to argue why the defendant be prosecuted or why the defendant should be acquitted.

The arguments were much shorter than in the high profile trials, running around a half hour for each side. It can be noted that closing arguments are generally repeats of the opening arguments. There is rarely that much difference between them. They seem to serve as a reminder to the jury of what they heard and what they needed to consider.

After a short break where we went back to that god awful coffee maker and the restroom, we were brought back into the courtroom to be read the jury instructions.

We had three options. Guilty of Rape. Guilty of sexual battery or not guilty.

If found guilty we had the option of adding the special circumstance of digital penetration or penetration by sexual organ. The special circumstances would give “points” towards a longer and more stringent sentence.

We were then escorted into the break room, this time taking our tablets with us,  where, after we took a bathroom break, we took our seats at the table.

It slowly sank in that we were a juror short. The young woman that worked for a local hospital was not there. While the bailiff took possession of our cell phones and ipads, he informed us that the woman was the alternate. Now that the trial portion was over and no other juror was dismissed, she would not be needed. It was now up to our panel of 6 jurors to deliberate and render a verdict.

We then sat down and looked at each other. It was at this point the issue of selecting a jury foreman came up. Somehow, I would up with the job. It is likely because nobody else did not want to do it.

Once that was out of the way, the deliberation began.

Stay tuned