This piece of work recently came out of the woods as the bff of the mysterious owner of one of the worst cyber abuse blogs that ever existed. Now this piece of work is starting right up spreading false rumors about a twitter account that, I did not know existed, until a simplistic blog just had to write about it.


This nonsense by this Wendy character is how these false rumors get started. Someone puts something on the internet without checking things out. People take it as fact, and then it is a 6 year run trying to unravel the mess they make of peoples lives by sticking their noses in where they do not belong.


Just for the hell of it, I went to follow the account and it got suspended. Now all I got is the screenshots the bimbo made of the thing. Odd how people can dish things out, but they cannot take it when they are the targets of the exact same thing.

I do not have the time nor am I interested running around creating all of these sock puppet accounts. I have two sites on Twitter PERIOD. I think Wendy needs to go clean house or something and keep out of other people’s business.

Stay tuned