dominosI would expect that the various staffers at the main stream press rooms are giving themselves high fives as they see the infighting going on between the so called new media journalists, bloggers and forum owners as they claw up the mountain of glory to be the leader of the pack.

When one of the sites come down, the various cliques gather around and celebrate the defeat of the competition. They relish in the fact that there is one less blog, new media stream site, or forum to steal their glory.

They brag about how it was they who brought down the “enemy” and how they will have the new strength to be around for the long haul. Or will they? Somewhere, out there, there is another member of the new media clan waiting. There is always that certain someone that wants the fame and glory enjoyed by the other.

Someday, someone somewhere will make their move, and another domino will fall.

When that happens, those in the mainstream media will laugh at their stupidity because they will have won yet again, without having to do a thing.

Stay tuned