For five years I have been on a quest for the truth. From the winter of 2008 to this day, I have been trying to track down the source of a number of mysterious files that a certain few seem intent upon proving that I partook in the conversation they contained.

Law enforcement investigators looked over these files and deemed them useless because a lot of information was missing. There was no URL to determine where the alleged conversation occurred, for instance. The files being spread around on the internet are IMAGES. They are not even screen shots. They are also not the ORIGINALS. They are copies of the originals. Because of this, any forensic examination of the files are useless since certain information that would have been imbedded in these files are simply not there.

For whatever reason, nobody is willing to come forward with the ORIGINAL files. Not screen shots, mind you, the ORIGINAL files. These purported files are downloadable from the website where the screenshot shows they were supposed to have originated.

The original files would have proven or would not have proven my participation in the alleged conversation.

If no one is willing to provide the original files, then one would have to conclude the files out there are, as law enforcement as stated, fakes, forgeries, counterfeits. The conversations never took place.

So to whoever thinks they have the answer, now is the time to either answer with PROOF or disavow the files as fake.

Stay tuned