ninethAfter a bit of a delay while waiting on some material from the Florida State Attorney’s office, I am ready to continue to tell the story of a rape trial as written from the perspective of a jury forman.

In late May of this year, the story began when I checked my mail:

On June 10th, I reported for jury duty:

I soon found out the kind of trial on which I was to serve as a juror. I was reminded of  a rape case in the small town of Steubenville, Ohio.

It was at this point that I had decided to write about this trial. This story was inspired by and dedicated to a former enemy who had her own painful journey, the journey of a rape survivor.

It is a journey I had not been aware of until earlier this year. This trial awoke an awareness by me of what she may have gone through. This story is for her and all the Jane Does out there that have gone through such a painful ordeal.

The process of becoming on the jury panel begins by going into the lobby of the 27 story courthouse and through the security checkpoint for jurors.

The next step is to go and meet the Judge, the staff, the lawyers and the defendant. It is then that the process that many have seen on television where the prospective jurors go through the process of elimination:

It was at this point that I had paused my story. I was waiting on discovery that I had asked for from the court. Finally, today, I went to the courthouse and obtained that what I had asked.

The journey can now continue:

Stay tuned