Due to certain constraints I am not able to go into too much detail about this subject. Michelle L McKee seems to have confirmed that I am having ongoing discussions with the FBI agents regarding an investigation currently taking place pertaining to certain individuals affiliated with a high profile case in the state of Ohio.


Folks can try a FOIA if they wish but be aware that the investigation in question is open and ongoing. When a case is active, FOIA only comes into play on a limited basis since the investigating agency does not want to damage the case they are investigating.

Michelle is now calling me a FED after years of stating that I am NOT a fed. She seems to change her mind when circumstances warrant.

amerisecI have been up front in stating what my feelings are concerning Anonymous. There are many in this group that I would like to see in jail for a significant amount of time. If this were to happen, then perhaps people would understand the ramifications of actions such as is being investigated and not do it.

fbiMcKee, on the other hand, is another matter.


This person claims to support the Anonymous cause and affiliates herself with the very anonymous members who are now under investigation by the FBI. In a series of raids since the one against KY, there have been a number of others. ALL the raids have been towards those who have had contact with Michelle McKee.

There seems to be quite a lot of coincidences lately with McKee squarely in the middle of them.

Stay tuned