I am not aware why this nit wit is throwing its temper tantrum but based on the threat posted today, it appears we have another attention whore on the horizon.

This brain dead nitwit is famous for some of the most highly defamatory and inaccurate posting of personal information on the currently defunct RNB. With RNB being off line poor little Executioner has lost its base of operation in witch to spew its hate.

Since the 4th of July, twitter and the rest of the social media has been a half way decent place in which people could do their own thing. Now Executioner comes out of the woodwork, throwing its little tantrum and wanting to start the worthless drama all over again.

This time around the blame can be put squarely on Executioner whoever that person might be and NOONE else.

This is going to result in someone’s hard work going down the drain and when people find out who it was that tried to calm things down, they will be quite surprised.

Stay tuned