It seems there is now a new pretender blog that has as it’s only mission to defame and misrepresent those it chooses as it’s target. Now why the internet needs yet another useless blog such as this one is beyond me.

I had intended to redirect this blog to discussing general matters but it seems instead I have to keep defending myself and others against these pretend internet police that pop up to spew the same defamation against specific individuals.

So now I have to deal with the very first article from this piece of trash having to do with the off line status of a certain blog that I had already blogged about.

Late in the afternoon of July 3rd, I received a call from someone that is mutually acquainted with both me and the owner of the blog in question. This person informed me that there was a discussion and that an agreement reached with the blog owner. The source told me that the blog would be taken down for an unknown period of time and that certain content was going to be removed.

The source also told me of their displeasure with the contents of the blog and also with the conduct of some individual twitter accounts. Now, once I saw the article in question on this UltimatenewsFRAUD blog, I sent the link of the blog to the source for that person to deal with as they saw fit.

The source and I have had a discussion about the matter and I am leaving it up to the source to handle it.

The blog administrator offered a rather shallow excuse for what it has posted about me. What IS interesting is who is being followed and who is following the blog. The audience is made up of the same old names that have been the center of activity for years.

This is a clear indication that this is yet another biased blog that does NOT have the TRUTH as part of it’s format.

This is a clear indication that all the efforts put forth by the source has been a complete waste of time. If someone of this person’s prominence and respect cannot put a stop to this childish nonsense, then nobody can.

So much for second chances.

Stay tuned