Recent events have given us all an opportunity to start anew. There are those of us who write blogs, do new media broadcasting, operate chats and forums and so forth.

There are tens of thousands of things to talk about and study on the internet, high profile crimes, current events. movies, music, and so forth.

The internet is a mirror of the off line society. Those of us who interact with each other on line are the same people you might see off line. The person ahead of you at the check out counter or next to you when driving on the highway might be the same person you tweeted to and you would never know it.

Over the years, for varying reasons, people, rather than use the internet as a forum to debate the issues of the day, instead started attacking each other. If someone made a mistake in judgement, no matter how minor, the price for that mistake escalated into an all out war of reprisal.

In certain instances, a blogger or an on line group claimed certain high profile subjects as their own territory. They only allowed approved individuals the right to be involved in these subjects and acted against those who invaded their “turf” and deviated from that accepted point of view of their group.

The internet is big enough for many to have their voice and express their own points of view. People should not be punished for expressing themselves.

One thing that people should NOT be doing is attacking each other by investigating their personal and private lives. These attacks have gone to the extreme. It has been common practice for years for people to investigate their foes and put some highly personal and private information on the internet in a demeaning manner.

Just because most of the material may be public information does not make it right. It is, in fact, highly unethical and is a form of intimidation.

The primary purpose of putting this information out there is to punish the victim for having a point of view. It is a poor way to debate the issue that triggered the action in the first place.

NONE of us out there are perfect. We have all made mistakes. We have all said or done things that we wish we had not.

Therefore it is incumbent for all of us to understand that. It is a waste of time to constantly one up each other with bringing out personal information that has no business being placed out there.

We now have the chance to have a fresh start and begin to act like civilized adults.

The internet is like a gun. One can use it or abuse it. The results of the abuse can be just as damaging.

Stay tuned