There is one or more individuals that seem intent on seeking to misrepresent IE: LIE about any statements I have made in regards to the events of the past 24 hours.

Said individual also seems to have jumped to conclusions about what I may or may not have commented throughout today.

Again, I will reiterate that I was made aware late the afternoon of July4th of certain events that had transpired. I have been asked to keep the specifics of the situation confidential. I can only go by what I have been told by this individual.

I can say that the source of this information is HIGHLY reliable and quite well known. This source is not into the childish drama that goes on day after day on the internet.

If certain individuals seek to continue this drama and misrepresent my statements, then they will only be shown as fools as time passes.

I would suggest you more wisely direct your comments elsewhere. I have stated all that I intend to here on this blog and elsewhere regarding the information that came my way this afternoon. Some who may think they have the inside information may find out they do not.